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Expert SolutionsALPHAEXPERT
Manage your business optimally
Management, Expertise Reports

To carry out the missions entrusted to you by the insurers, ALPHAEXPERT will help you to manage your activity optimally. Quality management in compliance with standards, direct connection with the Internet and also with messaging, document management and – type - reports as well as standardized reporting, or even statistics, a dashboard, graphs make ALPHAEXPERT a very complete software. The trick for faster file processing: our ALPHAPAD tablet, a true virtual office, which gives you total autonomy in tour management. ALPHAEXPERT integrates features that suit you: the integration of the remote expertise PHOTOTEL and the Database, the EDM (Electronic Document Management) that meets the "zero paper" desire, it is the indispensable tool for the management of your Cabinet of Expertise.

Ecran PC

Time saving Search or access to a file in an optimized way and automation of tasks.

Communication Internet access, D'ARVA access, open to all systems of expertise assistance of the market.

Ergonomics Quick start of the software, easy management of your files.

ALPHAEXPERT, management of your activity

Cost estimation and remote expertise integration
Type / standards reports and documents Management
Statistics, charts, dashboard
Automation of tasks (memorization of the process related to insurance)
Management of the notion of profitability by file (cost price)
Accounting liaison
Updating programs and data

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