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Alternative repair solution to the new part

Since January 1st 2017, following the entry into force of the Decree on Automobile Re-Use Parts, repairers must offer spare parts. The LACOUR Group adapts and provides you with the appropriate services: CERTIPRE, a solution that fully meets your expectations and the needs of ELVs Authorized Centers, Experts and Repairers. ELVs Authorized Centers, the visibility of parts inventory is a major topic. In just a few clicks, identify your re-used parts with Manufacturer's references and make your stock available to automotive professionals. The Manufacturers referential is directly accessible from your DMS or via a dedicated portal. Experts, consult the re-use parts, from your management or estimation tool, but also independently, directly on the website dedicated to the Re-Use Part. Intervene as prescriber, and inform the Repairer of the existence of a re-use part. Repairers, consult and order the Re-Use Parts, from your management or estimation tool, or directly on the dedicated website. The referencing of the parts, on the basis of the Manufacturers information, is established by the ELVs Authorized Centers, according to a common nomenclature. More information on CERTIPRE here.


Reference CERTIPRE it's more than 3 million parts, 20 000 monthly queries and 5 000 users.

Simplicity Authorized ELVs Centers access the manufacturer's reference system from the DMS or directly on the dedicated site and the Experts and Repairers consult the stock via our estimation/management tool, or directly on the website.

Reliability Parts are traced and controlled for optimum safety.

CERTIPRE, the Re-Used Parts portal

Referencing of parts according to the Manufacturer codification
Definition of the guarantee rules, logistic, delivery or state of part modalities
Definition of sales prices according to agreements with partners and customers
Stock management by the Manufacturer referential
Consultation of the stock of re-used parts
Reservation and/or order
Recommendation to the Repairer
Access via estimation, management tool, or dedicated website

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