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Repairer SolutionsCOLOREX
Simplicity and performance
Paint Activity Management

COLOREX is a touch-sensitive terminal for industrial applications for simple daily use, durable and optimal. Certified for use in severe explosive atmosphere areas, COLOREX settles in paint mixtures preparation area and accompanies painters in their daily tasks. It allows weighing of the Manufacturer tints as well as the personal ones, but also related products: primers, lacquers, ... Stocks management, inventory, order proposals, delivery, warning of out of stock, ... COLOREX is much more than a simple paint scale. Enjoy an easy to use and powerful tool!


Reference tool The weighing material of the LACOUR Group is the only one on the market to offer features as complete, with an easy implementation in zone ATEX 1.

Precision Recommendation of the quantities depending on the model of the vehicle and on the surfaces of the parts to be painted.

Reliability System certified ATEX – LCIE 13ATEX3073X and complying with the CE standards: EN61010-1, EN61010-1/A2, EN61326-1.

COLOREX, the essential tool for the paint activity

    Weighing Manufacturer and personal tints, related products
    Weighing correction, personalization and tint rectification
    Complete jobs and weighing historical
    Internet orders
    Statistics depending on the determined period

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