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Expert SolutionsDIVA
Automotive Estimating Software for a better cost management
Estimation, Remote Expertise

DIVA, the Computer Documentation for Automotive Valuation, is the automotive estimating software of the LACOUR Group. Development, optimization and cost control: DIVA allows you to cope with the current economic context. DIVA offers you speed and precision of Bodywork and Mechanical Estimation.. With the considerable evolution of IT tools, as well as new constraints, the LACOUR Group offers you high quality 3D graphics, combined with a most complete and judiciously structured Database; this to give you access to the complete documentation of a vehicle, in a very short time, thus improving your working environment. The trick for an alternative to the new part: directly query the Re-Use Parts inventory via our dedicated CERTIPRE portal. Download the models’list here. DIVA is now available through IRIS Hub & Services, the new multi-services online Platform.

Ecran PC
Ecran PC

Multibrand Database Such a database represents a major interest for the professionals of the car repair sector. It allows accurate estimations and quotations.

Reliability Complete Database, accurate and regularly updated (prices, parts references ...), in order to offer the best possible service and exemplary quality of estimation.

Precision Thanks to 3D graphics, the selection of parts is facilitated. Each part of a vehicle in the base is drawn to scale, which allows an extremely accurate representation of all parts.

Mobility Full web solution, DIVA is available on PC, but also on devices like tablets.

DIVA, speed and precision of Bodywork and Mechanical Estimation

Bodywork and Mechanical Estimating Software
Manufacturers Reference and Methods
Automated identification by VIN or manual
Management of vehicle glazing & safety elements

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